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Free UK delivery over £40!
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Protect them from ticks, fleas, and pathogens
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Best service I’ve received from a company! Ordered and received the next day in Northern Ireland! Great product too, ordered for my greyhound for when she gets spayed


Excellent product of quality manufacturing combined with a Great Service and Great Price.


Excellent service. I wanted some advice re the surgical vest and spoke to a really helpful lady. Received the next day and its excellent quality.

Claire Merriman

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    4 Simple Steps to Protect Your Pet From Ticks

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  • How To Fix Your Dog's Bad Breath

    How To Fix Your Dog's Bad Breath

    Dog breath isn’t meant to smell bad. Does that come as a surprise to any other dog owners, or just me? Their breath won’t naturally smell minty fresh, but your furry friend shoving their face in yours shouldn’t make you gag! Doggy halitosis can be caused by a number of health problems, so read on to find out what might be causing it and how to fix it.
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