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FREE UK Delivery on Orders Over £40!
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Separation Anxiety Bundle

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Best service I’ve received from a company! Ordered and received the next day in Northern Ireland! Great product too, ordered for my greyhound for when she gets spayed


Excellent product of quality manufacturing combined with a Great Service and Great Price.


Excellent service. I wanted some advice re the surgical vest and spoke to a really helpful lady. Received the next day and its excellent quality.

Claire Merriman

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  • Does My Dog Have Separation Anxiety?

    Does My Dog Have Separation Anxiety?

    Dogs miss their humans when we're not home. It’s just a fact. But some dogs miss us more than others, to the point that it’s unhealthy for them. If you’re coming home to destroyed toys or pee on the floor and wondering “Does my dog have separation anxiety?” - keep reading. We’ll share the top five signs that your pooch is getting a little too lonely.
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  • Top 10 Toys for Bored Dogs

    Top 10 Toys for Bored Dogs

    Is your dog home alone while you work? Do you ever wonder if they get bored while you’re gone? Perhaps you don’t have to wonder - the destruction you come home to makes it clear! Click to read our recommendations for the best toys to keep your dog happy, stimulated, and - mostly importantly - calm when you’re not there!
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