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FREE UK Delivery on Orders Over £40!

Meet the Team

Chief Product Tester/Executive Pain in the Bum


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Our Product Testers

Director/The One With Her Own Office


Cats: Marlon, Mervin, and Mowgli
Other pets: Hamori the Tarantula, Ivy and Harley the Leopard Geckos
Director/Spreadsheet Specialist


Once came up close and personal with a giant orangutan (and it still wasn't as orange as Kyle.)

Dogs: Chester the Patience Tester Cocker Spaniel
Cats: Gregory, Rolo, and Monty

Operations Manager/Oracle of Everything


Kyle started out in the warehouse at our parent company, J.A.K Marketing, before joining the Simply2 team full time in 2019. As Head Sharpener at our sister company, Simply Sharp, he's the only member of the team trusted with sharp objects. He's also the only one of us who was born without a belly button. (True story.)

Pets: None, but has owned fish, shrimp, frogs, lizards, skinks, snakes, beetles, and a millipede.

Marketing & Graphic Design/Head of Sarcasm Department


Dogs: Ruby the Golden Retriever
Cats: Oscar and Percy
Sales & Office Admin/General Dogsbody


The newest member of the Simply2 team previously worked as a Zoo Keeper and then at a safari park for 12 years, training sea lions and parrots. Thanks to her extensive experience with wild animals, she's just about qualified to handle the rest of us!

Dogs: Diesel the Jack Russel Cross and Charlie the black Labrador

Warehouse Dude/Most Anti-Social Person in Yorkshire


Two truths and a lie: 1) Has a keen interest in King Cobra lager and sweets.
2) Lived in Manchester until 2013.
3) Was one of the original members of Jedward.
(An argument over hairstyles drove them apart.)

Dogs: Willow the Cairn Westie

Warehouse Dude/Tick Identification Expert


Dogs: Charlie the Beagle
Other pets: Lyla the Blue Tongue Skink, Tyri the Crawl Cay Dwarf Boa, Salvador the Leopard Gecko, Aria & Georjia the Crested Geckos, and Drake the Bearded Dragon