Orders placed before 1pm are dispatched the same day* - DPD next working day deliveries are delivered Monday - Friday
Orders placed before 1pm are dispatched the same day* - DPD next working day deliveries are delivered Monday - Friday
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Odour Neutralising Gel in a Jar by PowAir

von PowAir

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Put down your air freshener and start using an odour neutraliser!

PowAir Gel is the number one odour neutraliser to eliminate bad smells at your home and workplace. Simply open and place in any room to tackle a wide range of odour problems and create a clean and fresh environment. Lasts up to 60 days.  

Vegan Natural Formula
All PowAir products are made with a natural formula based on essential oils made from natural and safe ingredients, creating odour neutralisation as nature intended.
Cruelty Free & Pet Safe
PowAir is 100% against animal testing. It is an entirely cruelty free product which is also safe to use around pets.
Non Toxic Ingredients
Absolutely none of the ingredients used in PowAir products are classified as toxic. So you can rest assured our products are safe to use in any environment.
No Alcohol
PowAir does not contain any alcohol. Better for you, better for the environment.
Made From Natural Essential Oils
PowAir uses all-natural essential oil technology, designed to simplify odour control management. Formulated by specialist chemists, PowAir is a unique blend of natural essential oils that combine to give their powerful odour neutralisation capabilities. PowAir attacks, neutralises and destroys a wide spectrum of organic and non-organic odours.


  • Odour neutralising gel in jar.

  • Works via evaporation.

  • Creates a clean, fresh environment.

  • Removes bathroom, pet, garbage, smoke and kitchen odours.

  • Lasts 30-60 days.

  • Safe for pets.

  • Cruelty free, vegan formula.

  • Non-toxic, no alcohol.

  • Contains high quality essential oils.

Ideal For

  • Home or work

  • Bathroom

  • Kitchen

  • Grooming salons

  • Veterinary surgeries

  • Kennels


  • 400g


  • Apple Crumble

  • Passion Fruit

  • Tropical Breeze

How to Use

PowAir gel can be placed in any room. Open the lid and remove the protective covering. Shake the jar when needed to agitate the contents.

How does PowAir Gel work?

PowAir Gel relies on evaporation to transport its odour neutralising molecules into the air to attract and bond with odour molecules so it can neutralise and eliminate those unwanted odours. You may not be able to control the rate of odours but you can easily control the evaporation rate of PowAir Gel to effectively eliminate those odours.

Several factors such as airflow, temperature, humidity and the amount of Gel exposed to the air will affect the rate of evaporation. Evaporation rates also vary as each of these conditions change from time to time. For example: hotter temperatures, lower humidity and increased airflow increase the rate of evaporation while lower temperatures and higher humidity decrease the rate of evaporation.
The science of PowAir has been proven successful over 22 years. So, if you are using PowAir Gel and you still smell an odour, you simply need to increase the rate of evaporation because there are more “odour” molecules in the air than there are odour neutraliser molecules.

How long does PowAir 400g Gel last last?

Under ideal household conditions; they can last 30 – 60 days each. The answer varies because the product works by way of evaporation. There are environmental factors such as temperature, humidity and airflow that are different in every home which affect the rate of evaporation and how long the products will last. PowAir cannot accurately predict these variables in every application so can only offer you an estimated range of time that has been consistent over the years.

Why use PowAir?

Are you still using air fresheners to cover up smells? If you are, you aren’t actually doing anything to take care of the smell, you are just masking odours. PowAir Gel uses essential oil-based odour removal technology to quickly and safely remove the bad smells than can be hazardous to the health of your family and pets.
PowAir goes to work in any home or workplace and absorbs the odorous molecules in a large area, taking out the smell permanently. It is also infused with pleasant fragrances to leave the air smelling clean and fresh.

Is PowAir safe? 

PowAir products do not contain any toxic or dangerous ingredients. It is a natural formula that actually works and is safe to use around your family and your pets.

Does PowAir work on all types of odours?

Yes, household odours do not compare in intensity or volume to the industrial and commercial odour problems PowAir was initially designed to eliminate. You can rest assured that PowAir eliminates all the odour problems you have at home or work including bathroom, pet, garbage, smoke and kitchen odours just to name a few.

What makes PowAir products work?

The key to eliminating odours is the natural-ingredients used, such as the proprietary mixture of high quality plant-based essential oils. A food-grade surfactant is used to mix the oil formula with purified water to ensure the highest level of quality and effectiveness possible. The Gel, Block and Penetrator products also use non toxic and natural ingredients to complete each type of product for eliminating odours in various applications.

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