Orders placed before 1pm are dispatched the same day* - DPD next working day deliveries are delivered Monday - Friday
Orders placed before 1pm are dispatched the same day* - DPD next working day deliveries are delivered Monday - Friday
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Suitical Recovery Suits

Give your pet the comfort and freedom they deserve for a faster recovery!

The Ultimate Alternative to the Cone of Shame

We understand that all too familiar look on your pet's face when they have to wear a traditional plastic cone!
Say goodbye to clumsy cones and say hello to recovery suits – the original and best choice for pets worldwide.

Handcrafted, recovery suits are made from a blend of 94% Organic Cotton and 6% Lycra fabric. This combination ensures that your pet experiences the utmost comfort and freedom during their recovery journey.



Recovery Suits for Dogs

The original full body Recovery Suit® for your dog is a professional alternative to a pet cone and/or full body bandage.

This versatile Recovery Suit® protects your dog and environment during recovery, after a medical procedure, with a skin condition, when in heat or light incontinence and a lot more

Pick your colour and size

Recovery Suits for Cats

If your cat has been spayed, aftercare and protection of the surgical area is essential for a good recovery. However, the traditional pet cone often causes a lot of stress for pets.

Therefore, Suitical has developed an animal-friendly alternative: the Recovery Suit® Cat. This versatile shirt protects the surgical area after spaying/sterilisation. This prevents pets from constantly licking, scratching, or biting the wound or stitches.


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MPS Head Cover®

Protection for wounds, skin conditions or that requires protection from ear and/or head bandages

How To

Measure Your Pet

Recovery Suits for cats or dogs: Using a tape measure, measure your pet along their spine, from their collar to the base of their tail.

Recovery Sleeve: Measure your dog along the inside length of their leg and then around the fullest part of their chest, right behind the front legs.

You can measure in cm or inches. Check these measurements against the size guide on the Suitical product page, or in this handy PDF guide. Please note that the example breeds listed are only suggestions. We suggest you measure your for the most accurate fit.

Between two sizes? For slimmer pets, we recommend choosing the smaller size. For overweight pets, fluffier or broader breeds like English Bulldogs they may be more comfortable if you size up.

We like to use pet shirts following operations as they act like a comfort blanket when the animal wakes up, much like a bandage [it] provides comfort for a wound.

Mowgli [the kitten] was very chilled out in his kennel lying upside down and playing with his toys, as well as looking extremely handsome in his [Suitical] t-shirt.

Lucy NowellVet at Station House Vets, North Yorkshire