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How To Support Animals In Need By Shopping At Simply2 Pet Products

How To Support Animals In Need By Shopping At Simply2 Pet Products

We love animals. That probably isn’t a surprise! But that’s why donating to animal charities and rescues is so important to us. Click to read more about the way we support charities, and how you can donate and help out animals in need via shopping for your pet supplies at Simply2 Pet Products.

Checkout charity donation

Quick and Easy Donations At Checkout

We've just made it easy to add a donation directly to your order. When you finish your online order at and go to the cart page, you'll be able to click to donate an amount of your choice to one of two charities. No obligation, of course - but if you have a spare £1, it's an easy way to support animals in need!

At the moment, we're supporting Guide Dogs UK and Amotherby Cat and Kitten Rescue through our cart page donations. 

Find out more about our friend Terry and how his guide dog Spencer turned his life around after developing sight loss Read More

Our Charity Donation Campaigns

We've almost always got some kind of charity initiative on the go! Right now, we're donating 5% of all sales of leopard print ProFleece this May to WildCats Conservation Alliance to help support and protect Amur leopards and other wild cats. 

Some of our previous campaigns have included our Christmas Toy Donation Scheme to Lola's Sanctuary Animal Rescue and our week-long KONG Tuggz Orange Monkey donation to Orang-Utan Veterinary Aid. 

Want to stay up to date with our current charity campaigns? Follow us on social media or subscribe to our mailing list to be the first to hear!

Nominate A Charity On Our Facebook

Since we cut our ProFleece pet bedding down to a variety of sizes, we always end up with offcuts and leftovers.

To reduce waste and help support some of the animals that are most in need, we donate these offcuts once a month to an animal rescue or charity in the UK, nominated by our Facebook followers.

Winners are chosen at random after a few days of nominations. Last month, Small Pet & Cat Care in Hull were chosen as our winners. Some months we're able to donate to more than one charity or rescue, and we won't pick the same winner two months in a row to keep it fair!

Join us on Facebook to stay up to date with new ways you can help support animals in need by shopping at Simply2 Pet Products!

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