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Top 10 Toys for Bored Dogs

Top 10 Toys for Bored Dogs

Is your dog home alone while you work? Do you ever wonder if they get bored while you’re gone? Perhaps you don’t have to wonder - the destruction you come home to makes it clear! Read on for our recommendations for the best toys to keep your dog happy, stimulated, and - mostly importantly - calm when you’re not there!

How Do I Know If My Dog Is Bored?

Destructive dog chewing pillows

Dogs were originally bred to perform various jobs for humans - like guarding our homes or rounding up livestock. While a life lounging on the sofa sounds more enjoyable, they still need to get that energy out! Otherwise, you’ll see a variety of unwanted behaviours, including:   

  • Chewing (both furniture and themselves)
  • Barking
  • Pacing
  • Excessive scratching or licking themselves
  • Digging
  • Over-excitement when you return

Dog Toys for Physical Exercise

The best way to use up a dog’s seemingly boundless energy? Exercise, of course!

Tennis Launcher - £3.50 

Want to get the most out of their daily walks? A tennis ball launcher will send their ball flying further than ever for a seriously tiring game of fetch!

PetBloon - £9.99 

PetBloon is filled with nothing more than a balloon for a toy that’s lightweight enough for indoor ball games. It’s safe and durable, but can be replaced with any standard latex balloon when it pops or deflates.

Puzzle feeders for mental stimulation

Keeping your dog’s brain active is just as important as physical exercise. Try a puzzle feeder for hours of mental enrichment for your pooch!

LickiMat Wobble bowl - £12.50

The LickiMat Wobble is the Ruby-approved way to feed your dog their favourite soft treats! It will roll and wobble around while your dog enjoys their tasty snack. Try freezing it for summer days!

KONG Spin it – from £9.25

A pup that likes to gobble down their food or could do with losing a few pounds will have hours of fun chasing a KONG Spin It around! Fill with their morning kibble or some tasty dry treats to keep them pushing it round all day.

Toys your dog can’t destroy

Sick of coming home to trails of stuffing and yet another decimated dog toy? No dog toy is indestructible, so try avoiding the mess entirely instead with something stuffing-free.

Skinneeez Squirrel – from £4.50

The Skinneeez range of dog toys have no stuffing at all, so your dog can rip and chew to their heart’s content – with no mess! They’re designed to hone your pup’s prey instinct, with a flattened shape and a flip-flopping movement dogs love.

Skinneeez Water Crinklers - £7.99

Dogs can’t get enough of the crinkling sound a plastic water bottle provides, so why not recycle yours for their entertainment? These Skinneeez bottle covers are soft but tough, and machine-washable for long-lasting fun.

Chewing toys

Chewing is a natural instinct for dogs. If they’re chewing your furniture, or worse, your favourite shoes (still haven’t forgiven my dog for that one…) try redirecting them to an appropriate chew toy instead.

KONG Phatz – from £5.15

KONG Phatz are designed to keep your dog chewing for hours! These four soft, squeaky animals are made from reinforced fabric with a unique texture, and their varied squeakers keep your dogs intrigued through extended play sessions. They’re best for light or moderate chewers.  

Bone chew toy – from £4.00

On the other hand, these bone-shaped chew toys are perfect for even the strongest chewers! They’re so tough that they’re virtually indestructible. Fill the hollow centre with treats or peanut butter to tempt your dog away from your black and white faux-snakeskin Chelsea boots for good. (I swear I'm not bitter.) 

Interactive Toys

If there’s one thing your dog loves more than their toys, it’s you! Join your dog for some daily play time to bond and help teach them appropriate ways to play.  

ChuckIt Ultra Tug – from £7.00

There’s nothing like a game of tug-of-war! This sturdy tug toy is designed to last and can be used for fetch, too. Now for the real question – who’s stronger, you or your dog?

KONG Wubba Finz – from £6.49

The long, floppy tails of KONG Wubba Finz will satisfy a dog’s natural instincts to thrash their prey around – great fun for them, maybe a little disturbing for us to watch! The Wubba Finz also has two squeaky bouncy balls inside for great fetch fun.

Our other tips for bored dogs

  • Change it up – Dogs, like kids, will get bored of the same toys. Since most of us don’t have a limitless dog toy budget, try giving them only 2 or 3 toys at a time. Switch them out every few days to keep things fresh!
  • Let them catch up on soaps – Some dogs really enjoy watching TV! Try leaving yours on the nature channel or even a doggy Youtube video. That way, your pup can watch squirrels and other critters while you’re gone. If your dog gets lonely, leaving the radio on is another way to help soothe their anxieties.
  • Hide and seek – Your dog might enjoy sniffing out treats from round your house. Tuck some dry treats into hidden spots to give your dog something to investigate while you’re gone.
  • Reduce their anxiety – If you’ve got a truly nervous dog, they’re likely to get upset when they’re alone regardless. An MPS Topshirt is designed to apply gentle pressure on their torso to help keep them calm without sedatives.
  • A morning run – If you can spare some extra time before, switching your dog’s daily walk to the morning [] is a great way to tire them out for the day and help curb destructive behaviour.

How do you keep your dog entertained while you’re gone?

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