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Budget Beauty Round Up – 7 Great Grooming Products Under £10

Budget Beauty Round Up – 7 Great Grooming Products Under £10

With the weeks of the third UK lockdown stretching ever onwards and no chance of a haircut any time soon, we’re all feeling a little ungroomed these days. That’s no reason to let your dog wander around looking anything but their best, though! We’ve rounded up 7 of our favourite budget grooming products for under £10 so that you can keep your furry friend feeling fresh for less.

KONG ZoomGroom

The KONG ZoomGroom is great for both shampooing and brushing, delivering a spa-worthy massage while collecting all your dog’s loose hair. The long rubber fingers reach through even the thickest coat to the skin, where they stimulate the blood flow and oil glands for healthy skin and shiny hair.

It costs £8.05 and you can choose between pink and blue. There’s a KONG Zoomgroom for your cat, too!

WAHL Dirty Beastie Shampoo

Speaking of shampooing, WAHL is our absolute favourite option for bath time! Based on natural ingredients, WAHL Animal Shampoos leave your pet’s coat clean, deodorized, and super shiny. We’ve chosen Dirty Beastie for this list for its fruity scent and ability to leave even the thickest, dirtiest coats squeaky clean, but there’s a wide range to choose from depending on your pet’s needs.

You can grab a 250ml bottle for £3.99 or a 500ml for £7.99 from our website.

WAHL No-Rinse Shampoo

Dry shampoo is certainly one of my favourite budget grooming products. Far too many mornings I’ve found myself with only enough time for a quick spray before running out the door. Putting aside my need to wake up earlier, if your pet is also in need of a freshness boost between baths, WAHL has got you covered. Their No-Rinse Foam Pet Shampoo uses coconut oil to quickly remove dirt from your animal’s coat – just massage in and wipe away. Aloe vera, tea tree, and chamomile condition the coat for added shine, too.

Best of all – it’s only £4.50. Wonder if it works on humans?

WAHL Semi-Disposable Pocket Pro Mini Clipper

A trip to your local groomer might be something you’d rather avoid right now, especially if you’re self-isolating or vulnerable. If your pooch is starting to look a little overgrown, though, these mini clippers may be just what you need. They’re comfortable to use, lightweight, and adjustable for hair length. Plus, they’re quiet – ideal for nervous pups.

They’re an absolute steal at only £9.90, and available in two colours.

Nail Clipper

Coat sorted? Let’s move on to everyone’s least favourite part of grooming their dog – nail trimming. If lockdown is keeping your dog inside more too, you may find their nails are not being worn down the way they used to be. Long nails don’t just look gross – they put extra pressure on your dogs toes when walking. That’s not only painful, but can lead to serious problems with their feet and legs long-term.

No excuses – give your dog the manicure they deserve. These nail clippers range from £6.00 – £.800 depending on the size you need.

BambooStick Buds

Doggy ears need cleaning regularly to prevent infections, and there’s no more effective way than with BambooStick Buds. You might have heard that it’s dangerous to clean your dog’s ears with cotton buds, and you would be right – but BambooStick Buds are the exception. Designed by a vet, they’re too large to go too far into the ear, and absorb ear wax rather than pushing it further in. They’re plastic-free and 100% biodegradable too, so you can definitely feel good about using these.

A pack of 30 BambooStick Buds will run you between £3.75-£4.25 depending on size. To be used with a cleaning solution.

Mint Flavoured Tug Toy

If your dog is anything like mine, they particularly like sticking their face right in yours immediately after they’ve eaten something smelly. Do yourself a favour and treat your pup to a mint flavoured tug toy. Made of super strong rubber and with a lasting mint flavour, it’ll help keep your dog’s teeth clean, their breath fresh, and your nostrils happy. Win-win.

Choose from three different sizes, starting at just £4.00.

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