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Four New Year's Resolutions for Pets to Keep in 2022

Four New Year's Resolutions for Pets to Keep in 2022

January's the perfect time to make resolutions for the year ahead. Whether you've stuck to yours or already broken them, have you thought about your goals for your pet too? Here are our four New Year's resolutions you should keep for happy, healthy pets in 2022.

Compostable eco dog poo bags

1. Reduce their carbon pawprint

Turns out your pet could be producing up to 2500kg of CO2e per year. Yes, really! We all love our dogs, but we can't deny that they have a big impact on global warming. Thankfully, reducing their carbon pawprint just takes a few small changes - like switching to our compostable poo bags which contain NO oil-based plastic whatsoever!

Plus, our Compoost'Em subscription service makes it extra easy to be eco-friendly with an automatic monthly delivery, 10% off every time, and a free bamboo poo bag holder.

Squeaky tennis ball dog toy

2. Get active!

Cold weather, warm house - it's easy to be lazy during the winter! But getting outdoors with your pet for more exercise has fantastic benefits for their health, including preventing pet obesity, reducing destructive behaviour, and even calming anxiety. 

If you have a field nearby, why not take a tennis ball and launcher to really give your dog a good workout? Or if you're sticking to your garden, we've got tons of tug toys, treat dispensers, and other toys to help them work up a sweat. 

Cat owners, don't assume that letting your cat outside is enough exercise for them. Try to make time to actively play with your cat using interactive toys to keep them physically and mentally active.

Dental treats for dogs

3. Take care of their teeth

Keeping your dog's teeth healthy doesn't just improve their breath - although that's a definite plus! Regular brushing and dental care also help prevent health problems like periodontal disease, infections, and gingivitis.

Whimzees dental treat once a day will break down plaque and tartar to help keep the doggy dentist away. These healthy, nutrient-rich snacks start at just 43p per treat - or try out our subscription service to save 5% each month!

Conventional wisdom says that dry food will keep your cat's healthy, but turns out that's a myth. Instead, you can help look after your cat's teeth with weekly brushing, regular checks, and plenty of fresh water.

Dog recovery sleeve to cover bandages

4. Be prepared!

When your pet is injured or poorly, your vet is the best person to speak to. But what if it's outside working hours, or will take a while to get there? If you don't know how to keep your pet comfortable until they can see a vet, why not make learning pet first aid one of your resolutions this year?

Plus, learning to treat minor wounds at home can save your pet the stress of a vet visit, and you the costly bill. However, any serious injuries, deep or large wounds, or severe bleeding or trauma should always be seen by a vet. And remember never to give your pet medicine meant for humans - it's far too easy to accidentally give them an overdose. 

Got a pet first aid kit? If not, now's a good time to stock up on essentials like bandages and antiseptic. 

How did your dog seem in 2021 - happy and relaxed? Or anxious and destructive? Here's how to find out if it's just boredom, or if there's something deeper going on. 

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