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New Puppy Checklist: Everything You’ll Need

New Puppy Checklist: Everything You’ll Need

Bringing a fur-baby home? Congratulations! Hope you’re ready for muddy pawprints, sad eyes when you eat, the occasional puddle… and of course, lots of love! Have a read of our new puppy checklist to make sure everything’s ready for your new family member. (Of course, it all applies to older dogs too – but they’re just bigger puppies really, aren’t they?)

Crate & Bedding

Lots of people choose to crate train their dogs, and it’s easy to see why – a crate keeps pups safe when you’re not there, and helps with toilet training. Done right, crate training means your dog will see their crate as a relaxing, happy space, and will happily go in of their own accord. (And now I’m frantically Googling ‘How to carry-case train my cat.’)

Even if you’re choosing not to crate train, you’ll almost certainly need a crate for traveling and vet visits.

Whether your new pal is going to be sleeping in a crate, in a kennel, or on the kitchen floor, choose some soft bedding to keep them cosy. Perhaps we’re biased, but we always say ProFleece is the way to go – it’s thick, it’s tough, and it’s super comfy. Plus it’s washable and rubber-backed to allow liquids through – perfect for puppies who haven’t quite gotten the hang of potty-training yet. (Speaking of which, you’ll probably want to pick up some puppy pads too.)


Next on your new puppy checklist are dog bowls! You’ll need two, one for water and one for food. There’s endless choice for dog bowls on the market, but we always recommend stainless steel over plastic – it’s dishwasher-safe and much less chewable.

Of course, you’ll need dog food too, and there’s so many to choose from. Will you feed raw? Organic? Grain-free? A dedicated puppy food is recommended to give your pup all the nutrients they need to grow properly. You can ask the breeder or shelter for advice, and keep an eye out for signs of food intolerances.

Collar/harness and lead

Pups need exercise, after all, and for their own safety they need to be on a lead! Over-excitable puppies are known for pulling while they walk, and a traditional collar can hurt their throats and more. Consider a Canny collar (with matching lead, of course) or a harness instead.

Poo bags

Never pleasant, but picking it up’s a must! Opt for compostable poo bags to help reduce plastic pollution. They’re just as strong as standard plastic, but take only six months to biodegrade, instead of 1000 years!

Grooming Supplies

Perhaps you plan to leave bath time to a groomer as possible, but it’s good to be prepared for when your pup inevitably rolls in something smelly! A good dog shampoo should definitely be on your new puppy checklist. You can choose one in a scent you like or to suit the needs of your particular pup.

We’d also recommend a flea comb, brush, and nail clippers so you can do basic grooming at home. After all, grooming a dog isn’t just cosmetic – it’s good for their health, too.


Getting your dog microchipped is essential. Even the best supervised dogs can end up lost or, worse, stolen, and a microchip gives you the best chance of them being returned to you safely. Especially with the recent rise in dog theft, it’s never been more important to check their chips regularly and keep your information up to date.

Suitical Recovery Suit

I’m first to admit that a dog in a lampshade cone looks pretty funny, but it’s not the most comfortable – or practical – for your pet! A Suitical Recovery Suit keeps wounds protected while being soft and easy for doggo to wear. It’s perfect for aftercare following spaying or neutering, so it’s definitely one to tick off on your new puppy checklist. Plus, it’s washable, so can be reused in the future if needed.


Who’s a good puppy? EVERY puppy is, so show them just what a good boy/girl they are with something tasty! Don’t have any to hand? Well, we’ve never met a dog that turned their nose up at a dab of peanut butter! (Just make sure it’s xylitol-free and low in salt!)



A bored puppy is a destructive puppy, and there’s one answer… toys! Toys are great for training – research shows that redirection is better than punishment. So save your voice and hand them a toy instead! 

Channel your pup’s natural urges to chew and tear with KONG’s line of (almost) indestructible dog toys. They’ll never want to chew your favourite pair of shoes again. Maybe.

And don’t forget – interactive play is key to bonding with your new puppy! Chuckit! offer the perfect range of dog toys for playing tug-of-war or fetch with your new friend.

Share a pic of your new puppy on our Facebook page  – we’d love to see them!

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