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FREE UK SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER £50* exclusions apply
You Shop, We Donate - Our Christmas Toy Scheme

You Shop, We Donate - Our Christmas Toy Scheme

What if doing your Christmas shopping meant festive fun for abandoned, disabled, and other pets in need? Well, it is that easy this year - we've just launched a Christmas Toybox scheme that means for every 10 pet toys we sell before 21st December, we're donating 1 extra toy to the cats and dogs at Lola’s Sanctuary Animal Rescue.

Our goal is to be able to send the rescue pets there a box full of balls, chews, and stuffed toys to open on Christmas day. 

“We decided to run our Toybox scheme this year because of how crucial toys are to help keep rescue pets entertained and mentally stimulated,” said Bethany, our Director, “Especially in the colder months when they can’t spend as much time outside.”  

Lola's Sanctuary Animal Rescue

As well as rehoming, Lola’s Sanctuary Animal Rescue provides a forever home for cats and dogs in their care, including pets that are disabled or otherwise difficult to place. Never turning away an animal in need, their work is funded by donations and sponsorship, and carried out entirely by volunteers.

Poonam Doshi, Founder of Lola’s Sanctuary Animal Rescue, says "We are thrilled that Simply 2 Pets has chosen Lola’s Sanctuary Animal Rescue as the beneficiary for their generous Christmas Toybox scheme. Enriching our animals’ lives with playtime is so important to keeping them happy and healthy - they are going to be very grateful for the donated toys!"

If you follow us on Facebook, you already know how important supporting animal rescues in the UK is to us - and you've probably nominated a charity for one of our monthly ProFleece donations! 

So whether it's replacing a chewed-up favourite or something from the new KONG Christmas collection, treat your pet this December to help us treat pets in need too!

No matter their age, size, or energy level, we've got toys for every cat and dog! Check out our dog toy and cat toy collections to find their perfect Christmas gift.

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