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Orders placed before 1pm are dispatched the same day* - DPD next working day deliveries are delivered Monday - Friday
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Introducing NanoSanitas - Pet Shampoo with Nanotechnology!

Introducing NanoSanitas - Pet Shampoo with Nanotechnology!

Which ingredients do you look for when you shop for pet shampoo? Maybe something moisturizing like coconut oil or soothing like chamomile – or perhaps just something that smells nice. But how about silver or gold?

Wait, what? Why would you want silver or gold in your pet’s shampoo? Years of research into silver and gold nanotechnology have discovered that these metals can have incredible benefits to your pet’s health and wellbeing. Read on to learn more about these miracle metals, and how you can introduce them into your pet’s routine with NanoSanitas™!

What is nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology is a science that involves either creating or using materials at the nanoscale – in English, things that are really tiny. A single nanometer is around a 100 millionth of a millimetre. For context, a piece of newspaper is around 100,000 nanometers thick. Nanoparticles exist in nature and humans have been working with them for centuries without knowing that’s what they were doing. Nanotechnology is used today in medicine, building, and even cosmetics.  

One of the reasons for using nanotechnology is that nanoparticles have a higher surface to volume ratio than normal particles, and as a result the same material can have different effects when used at such a small size.

So why use silver and gold in pet shampoo?

Silver has been used for medicine and healing throughout history – even the Ancient Greeks and Romans knew it has antibiotic properties! Silver has often been used to treat infections and care for wounds. Shrinking it down to the nanoscale only enhances these properties, as the folk behind NanoSanitas™ have found. Applying silver nanoparticles topically, like in a shampoo, can help relieve and prevent irritation, kill pathogens, and accelerate tissue regeneration. The silver nanoparticles in NanoSanitas™ Silver line products will also neutralize odours by inhibiting the bacteria that cause them, and can even help against ticks and fleas!

Gold nanoparticles are used now in groundbreaking medical treatments, from Rapid Diagnostic Tests to treating Rheumatoid Arthritis, HIV, and even cancer. NanoSanitas™ Liquid Gold Serum uses the power of gold nanoparticles to provide intensive nourishment to your pet’s fur; detangling and visibly repairing it for serious softness.

The new generation of pet shampoo

If NanoSanitas™ is so carefully engineered, does that mean it’s full of chemicals? NanoSanitas™ has brought science and nature together, making sure their range of eight holistic grooming products contain only worry-free ingredients.

There are no parabens or preservatives, and the silver and gold nanoparticles are meticulously combined with the type of natural ingredients you’d find in your own cosmetics and shampoo. The NanoSanitas™ Silver line products use a variety of extracts and oils like calendula, chamomile, aloe vera, and coconut oil for their moisturising and soothing properties. Liquid Gold Serum features argan oil and silk proteins for a truly luxurious pet treatment!

Why do NanoSanitas™ sell separate shampoos for male and female pets?

NanoSanitas™ aren’t the only brand to sell separate products for your male or female pet, but usually this is just a way to market different scents – after all, you wouldn’t want your boy dog to smell… quelle horreur… GIRLY.

NanoSanitas™ is the only widespread consumer brand that have a reason for splitting their products by gender. You might have heard that your pet shampoo needs to be pH balanced, but did you know that there’s a massive pH difference between the skin of male and female dogs? Bathing your pet with a shampoo that has the wrong pH can compromise their skin barrier and leave them more vulnerable to pathogens. A shampoo that’s pH balanced for a male dog could cause problems for your female dog, and vice versa! That’s why NanoSanitas™ is balanced by gender - to ensure that you’re providing the best care for your pet’s needs.

NanoSanitas™ is now available to buy at Simply2! Click here to view the range and learn more.   

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