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Due to postal strikes and delivery delays, please allow additional time when ordering your items
Due to postal strikes and delivery delays, please allow additional time when ordering your items
Chief Product Tester/Executive Pain in the Bum


Making sure that all our pet products are top quality is a big job, but someone's got to do it!

When I'm not testing toys and treats, my office duties include begging for leftovers at lunchtime, leaving my toys all over the floor, and stealing Beth's slippers.

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Director/The One With Her Own Office


Bethany started her working life in the banking world before leaving to work abroad. Her travels have included volunteering in Sri Lanka feeding baby elephants as well as working in Malta and Thailand. This love of exotic, sunny places finally led her back to Yorkshire, where she now runs Simply2 with her sister Michelle.

Cats: Marlon, Marvin, and Mowgli
Other pets: Hamori the Tarantula, Ivy and Harley the Leopard Geckos

Director/Spreadsheet Specialist


Before she teamed up with Bethany to run Simply2, Michelle worked in hospitality and catering, the family business J.A.K Marketing, and volunteering with Orangutan Veterinary Aid. She has four children and three cats, but it's our office dog who really keeps her hands full!

Dogs: Chester the Cocker Spaniel
Cats: Gregory, Rolo, and Monty

Marketing & Graphic Design/Stationery Addict


Jennie is the newest member of the Simply2 team. She has just completed her Marketing and Events management degree at York St John after moving to York from Newcastle in 2019. She is also a self confessed stationery addict, and has a stack of notebooks like the leaning tower of Pisa.

Dogs: Ron the Maltipoo

Sales & Office Admin/General Dogsbody


Sarah previously worked as a Zoo Keeper and then at a safari park for 12 years, training sea lions and parrots. Thanks to her extensive experience with wild animals, she's just about qualified to handle the rest of us!

Dogs: Diesel the Jack Russel Cross and Charlie the black Labrador

Warehouse Dude/Most Anti-Social Person in Yorkshire


Two truths and a lie:1) Jed has a keen interest in King Cobra lager and sweets.
2) He lived in Manchester until 2013.
3) He was one of the original members of Jedward.
(An argument over hairstyles drove them apart.)

Dogs: Willow the Cairn Westie

Warehouse Dude/Expert ProFleece Cutter


Passionate about animals (hence why he's got so many), cooking, and creating, Ant joined the Simply2 team in 2019. The best part of his job? It's got to be spending so much time with the most Anti-Social Person in Yorkshire.

Dogs: Charlie the Beagle
Other pets: Lyla the Blue Tongue Skink, Tyri the Crawl Cay Dwarf Boa, Salvador the Leopard Gecko, Aria & Georjia the Crested Geckos, and Drake the Bearded Dragon